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Blesam Ruwhunoma Orphanage was established since 2018, It's a divine home for Orphans, Abused, Abandoned children, Less Privileged and widows in our society. Our first objective is to take Orphans, Abused, Abandoned children, Less Privileged and widows off the streets and give them a befitting home...A Ray of Hope!


To contribute immensely to a Nigeria where there are no abused, abandoned children and widows. We are driven by the need to be instrumental in the achievement of a joy.


To erase the stigma created by poverty, abandonment and abused. To this end, we have in focus destitute and abandoned children and widows in the society. We hope to reduce street begging by children to be...

Core Value

The children and babies are rehabilitated under the most conducive environment with unconditional love and excellent care. We treat all the children we serve with respect.

Widows deserve respect in the Global Space, it is important for all mortals to shed primitive and retrogressive biases-senseless factors and wrong belie that have held people in bondage; pains, as well as in frustration and stagnation. No set of human beings should be classified as being second class citizens because, indeed, none deserves that status. In the design of the Almighty God, all human beings are equal; so it is, in the eyes of the worldly law. I want to ask why the segregation, discrimination and deprivation of the right of the weak and poor in our communities? Widows are just unfortunate sets of God’s creatures with right that should be protected and preserve. Put yourself in their shoes and you will see how it pinches. Widowhood is not a situation to wish even your enemies. It is not a palatable experience at all… Government and all leaders and citizens of the world should end enact concrete plans and policies to their aid. All of us in Blesam Orphanage celebrate with and honour widows across the globe. Thank you. God is always there for you all.

· Traditionally we should stop intimidating them


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Get involved and you will be glad you did it.

Sponsor a child’s education today. Blesam Orphanage children are in need of education.  If you wish to sponsor a child’s education, please contact us via email or mobile phone, you can also fill our contact form to reach us. We invite you to actively be a part of the solution. Extend a helping hand now.

You can celebrate your special events such as Birthday, End of Year Party and Anniversary with our children at Blesam Orphanage. We are highly delighted having you as a guest in our home, Our children have so much joy anytime someone visit them.